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Resource Center:

1. UC Berkeley Geologic Timeline

2. Chronozoom Big History Timeline

3. United States Geologic Survey (USGS)

4. Wikipedia Geologic Time

5. British Geologic Survey Geologic Timeline

6. Virtual fossil museum

7. Images in Time (University of Kentucky)

Additional Resources:
Hadean- 4.4 billion year old zircon crystals- The Late Heavy Bombardment
Archean- North American continent formed during....- Supercontinent Ur
Proterozoic- Late Proterozoic world map- Cryogenian period and Snowball Earth- Ediacaran period- strange life forms
Cambrian- The Cambrian Explosion and intense evolution
Ordovician- Supercontinents Gondwana and Laurentia- Life in the water and the Ordovician Ice Age
Silurian- Plants and animals finally emerge on land..- Extensive seas and the first arachnids
Devonian- The Age of Fishes- Warm waters and the first swamps
- "The coal age" and 20 foot long amphibians- Pre-Pangea and Oxygen up

- Therapsids, big reptiles, and major extinct
- Pangea and expanding deserts
- Big deserts and the first dinosaurs
- Dinosaur domination and the first birds
- High seas and giant gliders
- The Himalayas and early mammals
- First primates, elephants, and wide-open spaces
- The rise of the mammals
Pliocene: - Largest rodent ever- Grasslands and grazing animals
Pleistocene- The time of twenty ice ages
Holocene- Forests spread, then they shrink
Ediacaran- The strange, gentle creatures- Toothless, boneless, and alive
Pennsylvanian- The great coal swamp forests
Mississippian- Tetrapods, crinoids, and mountain building events